Through The Mill: Don’s Diary – Day 3

Wending my way from Fulham Broadway tube to our venue at the Eel Brook,

I bump into our ubiquitous Producer, Skye Crawford. As per usual, Skye is very upbeat and tells me that the posters for “Through The Mill” have arrived.  They look fabulous!

Afternoon music call, and there is big news. The on stage Judy Garland band has been augmented in the shape of a drum kit. Perry Meadowcroft wastes no time at all in tuning it up, and trying it out. He is all smiles, and looks totally at home seated on his stool behind the array of drums and cymbals. I assemble my not so wobbly percussion stand on Perry’s right, and we’re ready to go.

With our very patient and understanding Musical Supervisor, Simon Holt, at the helm, we get to work on the opening numbers of the show. “Life Is Like A Bowl Of Cherries” sounds terrific, and then it’s straight into “I Feel A Song Coming On”. Simon suggests that I use my percussion shaker for the up-tempo jazzy number, but quickly changes his mind. “How about bongos”? he enquires with a slightly raised eyebrow. In the end, we try the number again with me hand slapping on the micro snare. It seems to work, and we’re keeping it in!

I am having the time of my life as a member of the band, and just can’t wait till the moment when Simon says, “Let’s have a look at “The Trolley Song”!!

Scene work tomorrow, and L B Mayer takes to the stage. Happy days …


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