17 July


From award-winning Gaulier-trained clown and creator of smash hit Squidboy (Sold Out and nominated for a Total Theatre Award 2013) comes Trygve Wakenshaw’s new physical comedy, Kraken. Beautifully strange stream-of-

consciousness idiocy. Winner: 2014 Edinburgh Underbelly Award. Nominated: Barry Award for Best Show, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2014. Nominated: Golden Gibbo Award, 2014. ‘An hilarious hour of inspired physical comedy… Universally enchanting, enticing and enriching. Wakenshaw’s physicality is perfect.’ (Steve Bennett,


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Today I Bought A Yellow Car


18 July


Just sit, and watch, and then life just happens before you.

It’s remarkable how much you learn about people just by stopping to observe them.

Robert makes choices. Richard watches. Poppy makes demands. Sarah remembers.

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Before Us

new show

19 July


From the internationally acclaimed master of lo-fi, off-beat storytelling, Stuart Bowden returns with his latest invention, a surreal, raucous, contemporary, lo-fi, Casio keyboard operetta. An exuberant physical comedy, storytelling whirlwind. From the multi award-winning maker of She Was Probably Not A Robot, The Beast, The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us, Doctor Brown and His Singing Tiger and The Lounge Room Confabulators. Winner of Adelaide Fringe Theatre Award. **** ‘Gorgeous notes of melancholia’ (Scotsman). ***** ‘Phenomenal one-man wonder show’ ( ***** ‘Utterly compelling’ (

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Paul Boyd: One Night Stand

One Night Stand v2.2

20 July


pbm presents an evening of songs by award-winning writer & composer Paul Boyd, the writer of the hit musical comedy MOLLY WOBBLY and twenty other internationally acclaimed stage musicals including HUNCHBACK THE MUSICAL, HANSEL & GRETTEL, ALICE THE MUSICAL, PINOCCHIO, and THE HAUNTING OF HELENA.  Performed by cast members from recent professional productions of his work across the UK – full cast details to be announced!
“One day he will have the whole world singing his songs” Sir Cameron Mackintosh

Casual Encounters


24 July


James and Jennifer Rogers have been seeing a marriage guidance counsellor. When she tells them they should try something new, James decides this can only mean one thing – wife swapping. He’s been trawling the internet to find a couple for their first casual encounter. What he hasn’t realised is not everyone tells the truth online. He and Jennifer might find this out the hard way when Peter and Annette arrive.
NoLogo Productions bring their 2013 Camden Fringe sell-out play to The London Theatre Workshop for a preview show ahead of a two week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 
‘An exploration of marriage, relationships and more, interwoven into a strong piece of theatre’ (Buxton Fringe). ‘Timeless and timely. Lovingly crafted, lovely performances, diamond-sharp direction’ (View from the Gods). ‘Terrific. Very funny with brilliant use of gags’ (Richard Bean) An entertaining eyebrow raiser. Delivers a properly startling plot-swerve. (Fringe Guru)
Casual Encounters is written and directed by Andy Moseley and the cast are David Scott-Lucas, Joanna Pope, Sean Meyer, Catherine Houston Eyers, and Lucia Coward.

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Songs From The Shower


25 July & 31 July


The Guilty Pleasure

Starring Samuel Haughton

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6: A New Musical


27 July, 3pm & 7pm

28 July 1pm & 8pm


Ever wondered how your life could be affected by someone you’ve never even met? This new musical charts the individual stories of six New Yorkers as they intertwine and influence each other in profound and unexpected ways. TwentySomething Productions are advocates for contemporary, American musical theatre and are proud to present the European premiere of ‘6 – a new musical’ with book, music and lyrics by Zack Zadek, with additional lyrics by Gina DePalo.

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Kieran & Sarah


27 July


Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists 2014

One special night of popular musical theatre,

opera and a touch of comedy!

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That Man


1 August


A special preview for one night only of the new stage musical featuring the
songs of award-winning recording artist Caro Emerald. The hugely popular
retro-jazz, electro pop sound of The Shocking Miss Emerald and her band
(headline act at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival) form the perfect backdrop for
this original story of love, lust, and deceit.

Written by Wendy Gill, which also features additional original music
by Gary Albert Hughes, directed by Paul Boyd.

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The Seniors


2 August


In our Own Words..
a few things you might like to know about us…..

If you come and see us play live, what you’ll get is us trying to perfect our craft. You’ll hear the result of many hours of smelly, sweaty rehearsal time! In the vain attempt that we’ll deliver something to you that’s worth hearing. You’ll get some melody, some harmony, maybe a slice of Irony and everything in-between. You’ll get dancing, you’ll get us baring our souls and possibly making dicks of our selves! If you ever hear us using the phrases ‘Smashed it’, ‘Sick’ or ‘Boom’, you have our permission to kick us very hard in the bollocks! These terms are completely out of bounds:)
You’ll get a taste of our energy, our passion and our enthusiasm, in the hope that there might just be one of those moments, one of those rare occasions when the hairs on the back of our necks and the hairs on the back of your necks stand on end.These are the moments we live for and this is the reason we do what we do.Hope you enjoy being part of the journey.

The Seniors.

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