Hot Lips and Cold War


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Dates:  30 January – 24 February
Time:  19:30 (15:00 matinee on selected dates)
Run time:
Price: Tickets from £10

Hot Lips and Cold War – by Lizzie Freeborn

HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR is a brand new sophisticated musical play set in the White House during the 1960s – a time of the Cold War, civil rights, protest movements, social and class unrest and the evolving musical revolution. The exciting musical score reflects the highly charged era of changing social, sexual and musical attitudes with a variety of styles from light classical to boogie, modern jazz and swing from the 1950s and folk of the 1960s. Behind closed doors the Irish Catholic President, John F. Kennedy, and his long-suffering and much admired wife, Jackie Kennedy, face turmoil. The eyes and hopes of the Western world are upon them. Plans are being made for the President’s momentous visit back to his roots to his great-great grandfather’s sleepy Irish home town. In the Kennedy household, Maria, a young, distantly related Irish relative shows up and taken on trust becomes a fly on the wall… The First Lady juggles her young family’s needs with her new found position but life is more like a burnt Thanksgiving pie than a bowl of cherries. Hanging over them is the terrifying threat of nuclear war with the Russians and it doesn’t help that the sex obsessed President is playing away from home. Problems simmer and become steamier when America’s glamorous blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, seeks the President’s attentions, but her fragile frame of mind proves challenging. Unless Marilyn gets what she wants, she could cause a catastrophe in his personal and public life at an incredibly dangerous point.


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