The Seniors


2 August


In our Own Words..
a few things you might like to know about us…..

If you come and see us play live, what you’ll get is us trying to perfect our craft. You’ll hear the result of many hours of smelly, sweaty rehearsal time! In the vain attempt that we’ll deliver something to you that’s worth hearing. You’ll get some melody, some harmony, maybe a slice of Irony and everything in-between. You’ll get dancing, you’ll get us baring our souls and possibly making dicks of our selves! If you ever hear us using the phrases ‘Smashed it’, ‘Sick’ or ‘Boom’, you have our permission to kick us very hard in the bollocks! These terms are completely out of bounds:)
You’ll get a taste of our energy, our passion and our enthusiasm, in the hope that there might just be one of those moments, one of those rare occasions when the hairs on the back of our necks and the hairs on the back of your necks stand on end.These are the moments we live for and this is the reason we do what we do.Hope you enjoy being part of the journey.

The Seniors.

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