Volunteer / Stewarding

Would you like to become more involved with the London Theatre Workshop? Do you like to see an eclectic mix of drama, dance and music? Would you prefer to see it for free?

If you have answered yes to the questions above, why not become a volunteer steward and become part of the London Theatre Workshop’s team?

As a key member of the Front of House team, you will:

  • Be a part of something new and exciting.
  • Meet new and interesting people.
  • Watch as diverse a set of productions as you could possibly imagine, for free, on your terms!
  • Experience of working in the arts and be able to network with a diverse set of practitioners and arts professionals
  • Learn new skills and gain valuable experience
  • Give something back to your community
  • Be part of our history

As a steward you will share in the responsibility of ensuring each of our visitors has a good night out. The role includes health and safety duties such as taking responsibility for evacuating our audience during an emergency. We provide complete front of house training.

The role includes, box office duties and ushering. Please contact us for more information.