King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe


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Dates: 14 August – 26 August Tues-Sat then Mon-Sat
Time: 7.30pm  (No latecomers will be admitted)
Run time: 1 hour 10 mins
Price: All tickets are £15

Welcome to Planet Rufus

Rufus is and is not the President of the United States and is the Imitation Donald Trump. He is a cowboy who dreams of being king of the universe. Only, in the first instance, he isn’t really a cowboy, he’s a foppish English gentleman who dreams of being ‘a real American cowboy’. This Imitation King Cowboy Donald Trump is a wild bull raging inside the world’s china shop — attacked by cocooned babies, whores and worldly wise grizzly bears. Turning away from sexual exploitation, he is transformed by the alchemy of inevitable private catastrophe.

This politically explosive but terrifyingly subversive musical play is a savage indictment of the rotten cowboy Donald Trump.


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