Dial Medicine For Murder

Thursday 18 June 2015
Tickets £5.

Emma Brünjes Productions is proud to present the world premiere of Dial Medicine For Murder presented by Dr Harry Brünjes and Dr Andrew Johns – a fascinating hour spent dissecting the notorious careers of the two most infamous physicians of the twentieth century.

John Bodkin Adams and Harold Frederick Shipman were both British doctors.  They were also both serial killers

Shipman was found guilty of 15 murders on 31st January 2000 (a later inquiry went on to find that he was actually one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history). Bodkin Adams was never convicted of murder in his lifetime and died a free man aged 84 when complications set in after a fall whilst out shooting. Shipman hung himself in his prison cell in January 2004 just one day before his 58th birthday.

Dr Harry Brünjes and Dr Andrew Johns met when they were both medical students at Guy’s Hospital.  Harry then spent sixteen years as a clinician before transferring effectively to the City whilst Andrew became one of the leading forensic psychiatrists in the UK and has given evidence at least 100 times in murder trials including the Harold Shipman enquiry.

Bizarrely Harry was a junior doctor at Eastbourne Hospital when Bodkin Adams was an in patient and where he died in 1983. Bodkin Adams was also a frequent visitor to Folkington Manor in the 1950s where Harry now lives.  .


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Dial Medicine For Murder – front page

Dial Medicine For Murder
Thursday 18 June, 8pm


Rogues on the Road – front page

Blofeld and Baxter – Rogues on the Road
Wednesday 1 July, 8pm


Project W.O.L.F

Saturday 1 August 2015
 7 pm (doors open 6.45 pm)
Tickets £15 / £13 (concessions)
For one night only, the Project W.O.L.F festival takes over the London Theatre Workshop. A micro-festival of emerging performers, writers and creators exploring and celebrating original feminist performance.
A rehearsed reading of an epic new space play, Toward The Unknown, a musical collaboration between Doireann Mac Mahon & Faye Ventre and the premier of Old Sole’s one-act protest play, W.O.L.F

Toward The Unknown by Ingunn Lara Kristjansdottir

“In ancient days, men looked at stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.”

W.O.L.F by James Neale & the company

“5 women. 4 letters. 1 mission. Control. Under cover of darkness, they fight injustice, protect the vulnerable and will stop at nothing to combat the insidious forces that threaten womankind.”

Featuring: Abigail Snow, Ebba Sig, Emily Toomey, Hebe Renard, Kate Radford

Project W.O.L.F Creative Team:

Director: James Neale

Producer: Jon Parry

Stage Manager: Kayleigh Alstin

Sound Design: Alex Goddard

Poster Design: Adem Kaan & MJ Ashton

Photography: Ellamae Cieslik

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Project Wolf – front page

Project W.O.L.F
Saturday 1 August, 7pm


After We Danced – front page

After We Danced
28 and 29 July, 8pm


After We Danced

Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 July 2015
 8 pm (doors open 7.45 pm)
Tickets £10 / £7.50 (concessions)

Summer 1952. Finn has just completed national service, Fran is living with an overly protective father. Both of them are dreaming of a brighter future, and worrying that it will never happen.

When they meet on a beach, it is the start of a relationship that will define their lives. What they don’t realise is that it will only last one summer, and it will be sixty years until they meet again.

When they do meet, not only are they are still in love, they also decide to get married. But what was the secret that caused them to split up?

NoLogoProductions preview their new play before heading to Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


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Bebe + Luna Present…The Cabaret Farce

Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd July
 7.30 pm
Tickets £10
 Bebe van der Belt (a glamorous American) and Miss Luna Peach (a cheeky Brit) conspire to host the most divinely decadent evening you’ve ever seen. However, everything spirals into spectacular pandemonium, chaos and catastrophe! Come for
the songs, stay for the shenanigans. Featuring a live band, lashings of sequins, an accordion and – of course – a kazoo. (There will also be a drinking game or two.)
Join Bebe+Luna for a ravishing night of raucous delight!

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The Cabaret Farce – front page

Bebe + Luna Present…The Cabaret Farce
21, 22 and 23 July, 7.30pm


7.59 on the Northern Line

Friday 17th and Saturday 18th July
 7.30 pm
Tickets £5
Commuters on all sides. Some with bags, some with children. All too close for comfort. Cramped in this tiny metal cage, how do our habits, complexities and idiocies alter our behaviour when forced into a tiny tube 10 metres under London? We examine authentic accounts of experiences on the underground to explore human behaviour in this uniquely confined environment.

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