Can You Hear Seagulls?

Can you hear seagulls 2

At the centre of this 55minute two hander is RD Laing’s claim that there are only two rules in families. The first rule is that families don’t talk to each other, and the second rule is that they don’t talk about the first rule.

Jimmy and Sal are waiting for a representative from Beautiful Darkness to assist in their deaths. As they wait it emerges that although devoted to each other the closeness of their relationship may have stifled honest communication. An incident causes one to review the decision to die. Will the pact go ahead?

Produced by Wotlarx Enterprises, written and performed by husband and wife team David and Polly Pattison Can You Hear Seagulls? is an emotionally charged work handled with a deceptively light touch.

Feedback from the Brighton Fringe May 23rd –26th at the Old Courtroom

FringeGuru Four stars ‘This is a wonderful two handed play.’ 

Fringe Review Recommended Show ‘Well worth seeing.’